There’s less than one week to go until the general election and the campaigns have entered the final straight.

We’ve had the manifestos, the debates, a plethora of polls and gaffe gifts to the media.

It all started with Rishi announcing the date in the rain – but what will we see as the finish line appears?

Today, The Herald’s political correspondents Andrew Learmonth and Kathleen Nutt are hosting our weekly general election live stream on Facebook.

Going live at just after noon, Andrew and Kathleen will be taking you through the election campaign week.

They’ll be talking about our latest exclusive poll, the gambling scandal and the Tory manifesto launch.

The team will also turn their expert eye on the growing postal votes row. Are Scots being disenfranchised?

We'd love for you to join us on Facebook today: We go live at 12.05pm. Watch here