The Scottish Conservatives have said pro-independence Reform candidates may help the SNP win seats in Scotland, citing recent polls.

The party said recent polls showed that while Reform UK is expected to win a small percentage of the vote, it could be enough to “elect an SNP MP by the back door”.

Scottish party chairman Craig Hoy said Reform candidates may want to help the SNP, since several of them are pro-independence.

The Scottish Conservatives listed Gordon and Buchan candidate Kris Callander, and Dundee Central candidate Vicky McCann as examples, as both supported independence.

They also cited Reform’s deputy chairman, David Kirkwood, as another independence voter.

He is standing in the Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale seat.

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When asked directly last week, Reform chairman Richard Tice could not say how many of his candidates are pro-independence, according to the Conservatives.

Conservative MSP Craig HoyConservative MSP Craig Hoy (Image: PA)

“But the result will be so close in many seats. Even a few votes for Reform could elect an SNP MP by the back door.

“We know several Reform candidates are pro-independence, so it may well be that helping the SNP is what they really want.

“On Thursday, in key seats, vote Scottish Conservative to guarantee the best possible chance of beating the SNP.”