A couple are celebrating after beating massive odds of one in 700,000 to give birth to four beautiful baby boys.

Arlene and John Mitchell, from Longridge in West Lothian, have welcomed a rare set of quadruplets into the world - making them the first naturally conceived quads ever born in Lothian.

The tiny new arrivals, Ben, Noah, Harrison and Rory, were born on May 14 and tipped the scales at less than 3lb each.


The smallest of the baby brothers, Harrison weighed in at 2lb 14 oz, while Ben, Noah, and Rory each weighed 2lb 15oz.

Naturally conceived quadruplets are extremely rare, with doctors estimating the odds at about one in 700,000 births.

Arlene said: “It was a total shock when we found out there were four babies at the first scan.

"The nurse said she thought there was more than one baby and then she said there was more than three babies!

"I was absolutely speechless and my husband just couldn’t believe it.

“They are really beautiful and we are so delighted. We can’t wait to take our four boys home to Lauren and Hunter and start our journey as a family of eight!"

John said: “Life is going to be a bit noisier for all of us but I’m really looking forward to us being one big family.”

All four baby boys All four baby boys (Image: NHS Lothian)

Arlene was closely monitored throughout her pregnancy because of risks associated with multiple births, such as premature delivery and preeclampsia.

Arlene added: “Having quadruplets is a high-risk pregnancy and at every scan, I was really anxious that there wouldn’t be four heartbeats.

“The midwifery team were absolutely amazing, they really supported me every step of the way.”

A dedicated team of 17 doctors and midwives delivered the quadruplets in the Simpson’s Centre for Reproductive Health at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on May 14.

Arlene, who is just 5’2, underwent a planned Caesarean section when she was 30-weeks pregnant to reduce risks.

Arlene pictured at the end of her pregnancy, before undergoing a planned C-section at the Royal Infirmary of EdinburghArlene pictured at the end of her pregnancy, before undergoing a planned C-section at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Image: NHS Lothian)

Each baby had an individual team of four clinicians assigned to look after them as soon as they were welcomed into the world.

At first, the boys were each given intensive care in the Neonatal Department to help stabilise their breathing and allow them to grow while they were tube fed.

Two of the boys, Harrison and Rory were then moved to the Special Care Baby Unit in St John’s Hospital to be closer to their family, before Ben and Noah joined them.

Katy Ruggeri, Associate Director of Midwifery, NHS Lothian, said: "Delivering quadruplets is an extraordinary experience and I am immensely proud of our entire midwifery and neonatal team for their dedication and expertise throughout this remarkable journey.

"This was the first set of quadruplets delivered in Lothian and it's something the entire team will remember for the rest of their careers."

The boys are now thriving and Arlene and John are preparing for the big move home.

Arlene said: "Welcoming quadruplets into the world has been an incredible and overwhelming experience.

“It’s going to be a very different house and probably a bit noisier but we’re so looking forward to taking our babies home.”