John Swinney is set to make a last-ditch bid to convince former SNP supporters not to back Labour at the general election

In an eve of poll speech, he will say the result of the election in England is a “foregone conclusion” but a number of seats in Scotland are “on a knife edge”.

However, Anas Sarwar will warn Scots they could be “waking up on Friday to the news of five more years under the Tories” unless they put a cross beside Labour on the ballot paper. 

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According to the most recent Survation poll carried out for The Herald and Ballot Box Scotland, around a quarter, 24.5%, of those who voted for the SNP in 2019 will vote for Labour tomorrow.

The contest looks set to be tight across the country.

Modelling by Ballot Box Scotland suggests 15 seats could be decided with a swing of just 2% or less.

In his speech, Mr Swinney is expected to say: “There are seats that could be decided by only a handful of votes.

“Be certain about one thing – your vote will matter. It could make all the difference.

“The election in Scotland is the only place where there are genuine, competing visions of the future at stake – a real contest of ideas and values.

“Labour are offering Scotland more of the same and picking up where the Tories left off.

“More cuts, opening the door to privatisation of the NHS, Brexit and capping child benefits but not bankers’ bonuses.

“The SNP is offering Scotland a different vision. A vision of hope for a better future."

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Mr Sarwar said Scots who wanted a Labour government needed to vote for it.

He said: “This election is an opportunity for change that Scotland cannot afford to miss.

“Imagine waking up on Friday to the news of five more years under the Tories – the same sleazy Tories that put party before country, crashed the economy and left ordinary families to pick up the bill.

“But with a simple cross in a box on Thursday, Scots can end the Tory nightmare and deliver a transformative Labour government with Scotland at its heart.

“A Labour government in the service of working people with Scottish MPs at its heart is in reach – but only if you vote for it.”

“This election is a straight choice between a broken status quo with two bad governments, or change with Labour.

“The only way to make sure we boot out this rotten Tory government and secure a better future for Scotland is to vote Scottish Labour tomorrow.”

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Our poll revealed that when asked how they would vote at the general election, 37% of Scottish voters said Labour, up one point from last month.

The SNP are down one on 31%. Meanwhile, the Tories are at 14%, Reform is on 8%, the Lib Dems are on 7% and the Scottish Greens on 3%.

That would give Anas Sarwar 31 MPs, up massively on the two his party won in 2019.

The SNP would win 17 seats, a drop of 31 compared to the last general election.

The Lib Dems would add to their tally, winning five while the Tories would be on four, down two.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens use their final day of the campaign to call on the next UK Government to fully support the push for 100% of energy to be provided by renewable sources.

“Of all the issues that the next Prime Minister will face, the climate crisis is the most urgent and severe,” Lorna Slater said.

“The destruction of our environment and our natural world are accelerating.

“We can all see this in our own lives – and from the daily reports of extreme weather and extinctions around the globe.”

She added: “Scotland has leading green businesses, skilled workers, and incredible natural resources, but to take this opportunity and build a world-leading green economy we need the next UK Government to make the scale of investment that is needed and get 100% behind the drive for 100% renewables.

“Throughout this campaign the Scottish Greens have put forward bold solutions to the climate crisis.

“We are proposing a £28 billion a year Green New Deal to invest in the clean green industries of the future.”

Scottish Tory net zero spokesman, Douglas Lumsden, said: “We all want a just transition to net zero but you don’t achieve that by abandoning tens of thousands of oil and gas jobs in the North Sea and ruling out nuclear energy, as the Greens and the SNP are intent on doing.

“We don’t yet have enough renewables on stream to meet our energy needs, so the illogical position of the Greens and the SNP would shatter north-east communities and force us to import fossil fuels with a far greater carbon footprint from overseas.”

Meanwhile, Alex Cole-Hamilton will use his final visit of the election campaign, to set out his party's plans to “give people a fair deal,” including fast access to GPs and dentists and stopping sewage dumping.