It must be a daunting feeling having to be creative and write a new story when you’re still riding the wave of a trilogy that shot to unprecedented success.

Well, that juxtaposition of feeling both the dread and the excitement of the unknown could summarise the subject matter of Sophie Gravia’s new standalone novel, as well as her feelings about its release.

The much anticipated fourth book from Scotland’s most unlikely literary success story is out this month and after the raunchy antics of Zara, Ashley, and Raj in A Glasgow Kiss, What Happens In Dubai, and Meet Me In Milan, new characters, a new location in London, and if the title is anything to go by, new laugh out loud risqué moments await in Hot Girl Summer.

In the run-up to its launch, Gravia pushed for an early release in Glasgow Airport to give some lucky fans the chance to enjoy it on holiday before the rest of the world.

Sophie Gravia is a number one best selling author, with her two follow ups to the acclaimed debut A Glasgow Kiss selling more than 240,000 copies.Sophie Gravia is a number one best selling author, with her two follow ups to the acclaimed debut A Glasgow Kiss selling more than 240,000 copies. (Image: Gordon Terris)

Despite the fact A Glasgow Kiss became a Times bestseller, and the sequels sold in excess of 250,000 copies - even Waterstones in Gravia said her last book sold quicker than Harry Potter when released - Sophie says there's still a feelings of dread about a fresh novel being published.

However, it looks on track to be another hit, with pre-order sales soaring.

“The feelings have been mixed”, Gravia said. “Although the last series sold thousands of books, I was dreading finishing this one, because it has new characters and people are still hung up and obsessed with Zara, Ashley, and Raj from the Glasgow Kiss series.

“But luckily everyone seems to be loving it so far.  That is the biggest relief because it is the worst part about releasing a book. The feeling of not knowing if it will be received well is honestly horrendous.

“I speak to other authors who have released dozens of books, and they still feel like that too which is a slight comfort. But I’ve been very lucky, and people are already messaging me asking for a sequel.”

The new book by the 32-year-old renal failure nurse aims to inspire young women as well as entertain them.

Hot Girl Summer follows three lifelong best friends, Ava, Rebeka, and Grace. Ava has hit rock bottom after splitting up with her husband who was the main provider, and she has very little. Rebecca is tired of her job and knows her affair with the boss is going nowhere, while Grace’s life as a barrister’s wife may seem outwardly perfect, but it’s just boring.

After the three meet up with each other again at a high school reunion, they all realise they’re not where they want to be in life and decide to start having fun again.


The story is aimed at sending the message “all you need is you and your friends”. Rediscovering your self-belief and confidence is at the heart of this story and was an important theme to deliver in Hot Girl Summer, the author said.

“I’m single and a mum of two and I have a great life” she added.

“I really wanted to write something motivational for women in terms of getting their life back on track and the fact that they don't need a relationship.

“In so many romance books, all you seem to get is the woman getting a guy and then she gets everything else she wants. But I was keen to push the message that you don’t need any of that, and all you need is yourself and your friends.

“So many young girls I speak to tell me they are obsessed with dating apps and trying to find somebody, so I wanted to emphasise that you can achieve your dreams without having somebody by your side.”

With her authentic writing and storytelling, a large chunk of Gravia's success has been down to her ability to stay true to herself and her style. With a Scottish twist on writing, she’s always keen to draw inspiration from her country but also from all aspects of life, including her own and even that of her fans.

Sophie's new book Hot Girl Summer has been released exclusively early in Glasgow Airport ahead of its official 18th July launch. (Image: Gordon Terris)

She added: “It might be in London, but I felt strongly about keeping Ava Scottish.

“I try not to take too much away from other books, because I feel my writing style is what pushed the last series so much. It’s not your classic style of writing.

“But sometimes it could be as simple as seeing an interaction between people on the street that just sticks in your head.

“I draw inspiration all the time from people I meet, and I’m always looking at my messages on social media, as I can quite often hear some mad stories” she laughed.

While Hot Girl Summer has been well received even before it’s official release, it will remain a standalone for now, much to the disappointment of the lucky few who’ve already read it. However, Gravia isn’t stopping for breath as she gets to work on her next novel.

“I’ve already started writing, and I love it. It’s been my favourite idea so far.”

Hot Girl Summer is available to purchase online and in book stores from July 18