Sir Keir Starmer is to meet with John Swinney on Sunday to "discuss the issues and challenges of the day."

The new Prime Minister will fly to Scotland as the first stop on a one day four nation tour. 

In a short speech following the first meeting of his cabinet, the Labour leader said he wanted to "establish a way of working across the United Kingdom that will be different and better to the way of working that we've had in recent years."

He said wanted to "recognise the contributions of all four nations."

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Sir Keir and the First Minister spoke on Friday night, where the two men promised to work collaboratively and cooperatively. 

A spokesperson for Mr Swinney said there were "many ways in which the two governments can work together to deliver progress on them for the benefit of people in Scotland.”

In his speech, the Prime Minister said his party had won a majority of seats in England, Scotland and Wales giving them a “clear mandate to govern for all four corners of the United Kingdom”.

Sir Keir said he was “restless for change" and had been "planning for months to hit the ground running."

He pointed to two key ministerial appointments.

Sir Patrick Vallance, who was chief scientific adviser to the government during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been given a peerage and made Minister of State for science in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

James Timpson of Timpson shoe repairs will also be sent to the House of Lords and become the Minister of State for prisons, parole and probation. 

He is well known for his work with offenders and creating job opportunities for prison leavers.

“I’ve been talking to them for some time about the need for the change that we will put in place," sir Keir said. 

The Prime Minister said he had held extensive conversations with Cabinet and there will be “further announcements in the coming days”.

“But, look, it is not an overnight exercise changing the country,”  he added. 

He had set out to his Cabinet “exactly what I expect of them in terms of standards, delivery, and the trust that the country has put in them”.

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Earlier in the day, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar was asked if Sir Keir would work with Mr Swinney.

Mr Sarwar said: “We’ve seen for far too long conflict over co-operation and ultimately it is the people of Scotland that have missed out.

“We will always act in the national interest, we will always work together, where we can, to deliver for the Scottish people.

“But let’s be really clear – we’re not talking about a (Scottish) Government that is new in Scotland. This is an SNP Government that has been in charge for 17 years.

“Yes we’ll work together in the national interest to deliver for the people of Scotland but I have always been clear that this is just stage one of the change, stage two comes in 2026.”

“I am not in this to be an opposition politician," he added.