Dozens of train services in Scotland have been cancelled today due to a shortage of staff amidst an ongoing pay dispute.

Cancellations and delays will be a regular occurrence today, with rail bosses advising customers to plan as far ahead as possible to avoid disruption to their journey.

More than 54 services have been cancelled due to a number of reasons including signalling faults which are not uncommon, but also due to rail crew shortages.

Last week on Friday 5 July, driver’s union ASLEF informed ScotRail that it would recommend to its Executive Committee a ballot of its members fo industrial action over pay.

Bosses at ScotRail say the dispute has had some impact on services, with fewer train drivers than normal choosing to exercise their contractual right and not make themselves available for overtime or rest day working, which is now resulting in service disruption.


Mark Ilderton, ScotRail Service Delivery Director, said:  “We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused to our customers. We know how frustrating it is when cancellations occur.  

“Customers should check their journey on our website and mobile app before they travel and should also bear in mind that services will be busier than usual. 

“We want to resolve the pay dispute with trade unions, and we remain fully committed to further discussions.” 

The latest disruptions come a day after ScotRail cancelled 250 services across Scotland, with ASLEF calling out the rail operator and Scottish Government for not employing enough staff.

The union posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, taking aim at the rail operator for not employing enough staff, saying they shouldn't be relying on ' the good will of staff to work their days off'.

They also called on the Scottish Government to get realistic about public sector pay. 

Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF’s organiser in Scotland, told The Herald: ‘The Scottish government should have seen these issues coming a mile down the tracks. It’s clear no lessons have been learned from the past. They have left Scotland’s railway workforce understaffed and overstretched. 

"Goodwill from Scotland’s train drivers can only take you so far but you can’t run a safe and efficient railway seven days a week if you don't employ appropriate numbers of staff and provide them with decent pay, terms and conditions.  

"The Scottish government is the sole shareholder of ScotRail yet have completely failed to address the driver shortage. 

"This is a crisis entirely of their own making, and ultimately, passengers will be the ones who suffer."

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland, who operate as an executive agency of the Scottish Government, said: “We acknowledge the desire of rail unions to negotiate a fair settlement for their members.

“ScotRail, as a public body and the employer, has responsibility and the ability to negotiate within the limits of public sector pay metrics. However, as rail unions have been made aware, any offer beyond these requires Scottish Government approval at senior level following the appropriate process.

“We would encourage rail unions to continue meaningful dialogue with ScotRail, so that a mutually agreeable outcome can be reached as soon as possible.”