A Glasgow hotel is searching for a comedian to entertain guests who choose to stay there during the Fringe.

Many visitors to the Fringe are now deciding to stay in Glasgow due to the spike in demand in Edinburgh during the festival, and the AC Hotel by Marriot wants to ensure they are kept entertained during breakfast.

The hotel is advertising for a ‘banter butler’ to crack jokes and help festival goers get into the mood for the event. Free accommodation and travel expenses are on offer for the comedian who gets the job. The former of those is a help given the price of accommodation during the festival.

Manchester-based comedian Jason Manford previously hit out at the prices of accommodation prices and revealed he would be operating at a loss even if every show sold out because of it.

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He tweeted to say: “Edinburgh Festival prices especially for accommodation are an absolute joke! No idea how anyone starting out is managing to get up there and showcase their talents!
“I’ve just priced up a week up there and even if every show sells out, I’m still operating at a loss."

The job ad claims the person who gets the job will be ‘the toast of the hotel, transforming ordinary morning into laugh-a-minute experiences and setting the perfect tone for the day ahead’.

The ad then continues to say: “Egg-citing opportunity: We’re great at making sure our guests are happy. Your job will be to take it to the next level. We want them “buckled”. Think skull and crossbones emoji, think ROFL, think LMFAO, think Noels’ House Party (inter-generational references preferable).

“You’ll bring thigh slappers, side-splitters, zingers, one-liners, and table-side crowd-work to our wonderful guests during breakfast four times a week for the duration of your run.”

It’s something that Craig Munro, the general manager at the hotel, feels it can be a big help to people who are arriving for the festival.

He said: "With so many people choosing to stay in Glasgow during the Fringe, we thought we’d like to bring a little bit of the Fringe to our guests – and what better way to start the morning than with a set from one of the performers. We always look for new ways to surprise and delight guests. 

“We’ve all heard stories of how performers can be priced out of Edinburgh. We hope this can make the experience a little easier for them and create some special memories for our guests. 

“I’m a big fan of comedy so I’m excited to watch the applications, and we look forward to hiring our first breakfast comedian!” 

The job is open to anyone with a fringe show or any up-and-coming comedians who want to get experience and they can apply here.