A wave of regeneration is sweeping across a former industrial coastline.

From Granton through Leith Docks to Seafield, thousands of private and rental homes are in the pipeline.

New plans for 81 new homes at the Edinburgh Marina site that are an important part of the historic Granton Harbour redevelopment have been lodged with the City of Edinburgh Council.

The proposed site is located in the Granton Harbour development master plan, the application reads: ā€œIt sits in the centre of the site.

ā€œThe development of the site will form an integral part of this new coastal community.ā€

The view of the marina from insideThe view of the marina from inside (Image: Wilson and Gunn Architects)

Granton Harbour dates from the 1830s and was built by the 5th Duke of Buccleuch.Ā 

It is now at the centre of a major regeneration.


Plans brought forward forĀ homes at Edinburgh Marina

Plan for 850 homes at Edinburgh's largest brownfield site

Harbour housing sitesĀ for sale

The application is a new bid after earlier proposals were rejected partly due to the ā€œlevel of information provided in relation to future flood risk and the risk posed to the development from wave over-toppingā€.

A report by EnviroCentre Limited for Edinburgh Marina includes a new flood risk study and information on over-topping and states that ā€œthe proposed development is determined to be compliant with SEPAā€™s development management guidance on flood riskā€.

This new proposal, now the council planners, is one of a raft of new housing sites along the Firth of Forth and north Edinburgh.

Proposals for almost 850 new homes at Granton, part of a masterplan for 3,500, have also been brought forward by the City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with Cruden Homes.

The plans "to transform part of the Scottish capitalā€™s largest brownfield site into an exciting new development" will include net zero homes, capacity for a new primary school and low carbon heat network, and shops and offices.

The reimagination of Ocean Terminal by the Glasgow-based Ambassador Group and Ocean Point will together bring hundreds of homes.

A Forth Ports planĀ for Leith at Harbour 31 includes more than 300 new homes, while plans for almost 100 new homes and two commercial unitsĀ at Salamander Street and Salamander Yards were approved last month.

A little further east, there is a Seafield Regeneration consultation ongoing which closes on July 31.