Loch Lomond Whiskies have unveiled a new 50-year-old single malt with a price tag of £25,000.

The independent distiller has launched the whisky and it is exclusively limited to 100 individually-numbered bottles worldwide. Loch Lomond 50 Year Old is drawn from the distillery’s oldest reserves and was distilled in 1973.

It uses 100% unpeated malt barley and has been aged in refilled American oak casks, first fill bourbon casks and oloroso sherry hogsheads.

It remains exclusively under the care of Mr Henry, with the master blender carefully managing the maturation process.


It was initially crafted with gentle maturation in refilled American oak casks and that allowed the spirit to develop it’s character, before then going into the bourbon casks in 2011, and final a re-cask in Oloroso sherry hogsheads in 2017 to further enhance the single malt.

The single malt has a rich creamy flavour while the six years in the Oloroso sherry cask has also influenced it with a cinnamon flavour.

Given the age of it and the fact there is only 100 bottles, it will set buyers back a fair amount of money at £25,000 and the master distiller admits it is a real honour to be part of the process of making it.

Mr Henry said: “Loch Lomond 50 Year Old is a rare example of our timeless distillation innovation.

“The decision to re-cask a whisky of this quality and age is not something I take lightly. However, the complexity and depth of flavour brought by the first fill bourbon and the Oloroso sherry casks have made this a truly special single malt, which provides a window into our past and captures the original style of whisky making at Loch Lomond Distillery.

“The expectations are high when you are working with liquid as special and as scarce as this, but it is a true honour to be the final custodian of such a special piece of history.”