Plans to build new homes in a city centre car park have been lodged.

The application for Rennick Development by Scott Hobbs Planning is for nine flats in a car park south of Henderson Place and behind Dundas Street.

A heritage statement by Montagu Evans said: “The development site has no significance in the context of the wider Edinburgh New Town Conservation Area.

‚ÄúThe site was developed in the later 19th century, but those buildings were demolished in 1980 to make way for parking spaces for the adjacent office development at 116 Dundas Street. The site is not visible in the key views identified in the Edinburgh World Heritage Site Management Plan or the city‚Äôs ‚ÄėKey Views Study‚Äô.

“This city block developed in a different way to the planned developments of the New Town.

“The immediate context of the site is all relatively recent. There will be no impact on the Edinburgh New Town Designated Garden & Designed Landscape. Similarly, there will be no impact on the Outstanding Universal Values of the Edinburgh World Heritage Site.

‚ÄúThere will be a negligible impact on incidental (unplanned) views from the B-listed tenements at Nos. 16-26 Henderson Row.‚ÄĚ

Montagu Evans added: “Anciently, the site was part of a large sloping meadow, known as Canonmills Haugh, that stretched from Silvermills in the west to Canonmills Loch, or mill pond, in the east.

“Plans for a Second New Town, drawn up by Robert Reid and William Sibbald in 1802, stopped short of the site on the south side of Fettes Row/Royal Crescent. Maps of the mid 1820s show clearly that the intention was to continue the residential development of the Second New Town over the site

“However, the difficult topography, bankruptcy of the city in the 1830s, and demand for industrial premises, put an end to the prospect of grand residential developments.

“Single storey shops and a laundry were constructed on the site in the late 19th century. Four-storey tenements were constructed at 122-160 Dundas Street in about 1900.

‚ÄúIn 1980 the city granted planning permission for demolition of the 19th-century buildings and construction of BUPA House at 116 Dundas Street, designed by Hugh Martin & Partners. At that time, the current parking spaces were created on the site to serve the new office development.‚ÄĚ

Major Glasgow city centre development hits landmark milestone

A milestone development in the heart of Scotland’s largest city has reached its full height as construction work gathers pace.  

The student accommodation block on Bath Street in Glasgow City Centre has ‚Äėtopped out‚Äô - reaching its final height of 36 metres.¬†The scheme,¬†for iQ Student Accommodation, features 551 apartments, a gym, a gaming arcade, dining spaces and social areas.¬†The development replaces a vacant 1970s office block which was demolished in 2023upgrading and modernsing the existing streetscape.¬†

Acclaimed Scottish design studio announces opening date for new retail showroom

An internationally acclaimed Scottish design studio has announced the opening date for its new retail showroom.

Timorous Beasties will open a major new retail showroom in Edinburgh on July 18. Founded in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, the multi-award-winning studio is renowned for its unique maximalist designs, star power brand collaborations, and global fan base.