The star of Box Story, soon to perform at the Clocktower on December 14, is 51-year-old Bobbi Baker, but her age can be mentioned because its one of the first things she pronounces on stage.

The performance artist is known for producing exciting solo plays and the humourous Box Story is the last in a series of five plays about daily life.

This series has involved opening her kitchen to the public and lecturing on supermarket shopping.

Last year Bobby strapped herself to the back of a van and toured the London streets screaming Pull Yourself Together as part of her contribution to Mental Health week.

When asked what the audience can expect from her play, the St Martins School of Art graduate said: "They're going to be confronted by the most fabulous pair of shoes they've ever seen and me telling stories.

"The show is trying to make sense of life.

"It's formed from my life and the things that have happened to me.

The mother of two daughters added: "The show's not about them or about being a mother it's more about being a person and the experiences that a person has in daily life.

"Men as well as women can relate to it."

"This is the first time Ms Baker is collaborating with composer, Justine Pooks who created the music heard in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

The performance incorporates music, acting and installation art and involves a virtual choir appearing before the audience.

She said: "I prefer to do my own work, I don't want to perform in other people's.

"I'm not an actress. I'm a performer."

This is the Bromley-born artist's first appearance on a Croydon stage and she has been on a national tour since June.

She said: "People are calling up adding more dates to the tour all the time so it will go on for as long as people ask for it."

The show starts at 8pm and tickets cost £8. To book call 020 8253 1030.