Kaltoum Khalladi, whose brother is a political prisoner in Tunisia, will speak at an Amnesty International event in Barnet on Saturday.

Kaltoum, 29, from Coleridge Road, North Finchley, is campaigning for the Tunisian government to release her 31-year-old brother, Abderrahman.

He was arrested in 1989 for being a member of a student union which had links to the illegal al-Nahda party and forcibly conscripted into the army.

In 1991 he was arrested again and jailed for five years at a trial during which he was not allowed to defend himself.

In 1996, when his parents went to pick him up from prison, they were told he had been sentenced to eight years at another trial for the same offence.

Since then, according to his sister, he has been locked up with criminals and murderers, has no bed, is hosed down and is suffering ill health as a result.

"How could these things happen in what they say is a democratic country," said Khultoum.

"I'm really worried about him, the way he's writing, always referring to himself as a dead person."

Khultoum, a mother-of-three studying at Middlesex University, was also a member of al-Nahda and managed to flee Tunisia because she was in Saudi Arabia when her brother was arrested.

The former teacher has been seeking asylum in England since 1998.

She will be at Enfield & Barnet Amnesty International's cultural evening of jazz and blues at Church House, 2 Wood Street, Barnet, on Saturday at 7.30pm.

For more details, call 020 8351 6736.