PLANS for a waste site in Harlow have been left in limbo by councillors who have called for further consultation.

Harlow Council said it would not agree with county council proposals until the type of facility to be used for waste disposal was specified.

If Essex County Council plans are given the go-ahead, the land at Ascent Park, Edinburgh Way, would be chosen as a county dumping ground, but the actual disposal method has not been proposed.

Deputy council leader Alan Jones said: There is no way we will say yes or no to any development of this kind until we know exactly what it involves.

We appreciate and support the countys aim of finding more sustainable ways of disposing of our rubbish. But at the same time we have to make sure the interests of local residents are put first.

At a meeting on Thursday, councillors said they would consult residents before making a decision and council leader Mike Danvers suggested exploring further options with Epping Forest District Council.

Ian Turner said it was not viable to dump the countys waste in Harlow and said land by the M11 roundabout in Hastingwood, should be suggested to the county council as an alternative site.

Cllr Rene Morris also asked why land in Epping Forest was not being considered for the waste site, as the amount of spare land in the area was astronomical compared with Harlow.

Cllr Jean Clark said: A waste site does mean a lot of lorry traffic going through Harlow which is going to upset local people.

She said the county council should make each area responsible for its own waste and allocate smaller waste sites rather than fewer, larger dumping grounds.

Harlow Council will give residents a chance to express their views on the waste plan when it issues copies of the draft plan in local public buildings, on which comments can be added.

Director of Neighbourhood Services Kevin Maddern said: We need to know what the impact would be on the people in Harlow.

But he added there were no other obvious sites for the waste disposal unit in Harlow other than the proposed Ascent Park.

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