Drugs worth more than £30,000 have been seized in a series of raids across the Highlands and Islands.

Operation RAM saw 26 search warrants enforced, resulting in 18 substance recoveries and £7,000 being taken.

Five people appeared from custody in relation to these warrants and inquiries into a number of cases are ongoing.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Sutherland, who leads Operation RAM, said: "Over the last few weeks we have used information supplied to us by concerned members of the public to target those involved in the sale and supply of illegal drugs across the Highlands and Islands, directly leading to the results we are sharing today.

"By continuing to pass on information we can continue to marginalise people in your communities who think it is OK to be involved in drug dealing and wider organised crime by stopping them in the street, in their cars and searching their homes.

"They are the ones that should feel afraid, marginalised and be looking over their shoulders and my message to them is very clear - you are on the list and we will get to you."

There were 54 searches also carried out on people in the street or in vehicles which resulted in further recoveries.