IT might be enough to put most of us off our dinner – but a special anatomy event in Glasgow this weekend will see diners swap their knives and forks for scalpels to carry out a post-mortem on a lifelike cadaver.

The Dinner and Dissection evening on Saturday promises guests a two-course meal in the “glamorous dining room” of the city’s Village Hotel, followed by the chance to cut up a simulated human body filled with real organs – from pigs.

It may sound bizarre, but it comes hot on the heels of a sell-out UK tour last year and tickets for the event, starting at £79, have already been snapped up. already sold out and tickets, which start at £79 each for standard entry, areThey are scarce for the other Scottish date in Aberdeen in March.

Although geared to healthcare and bioscience professionals – students and NHS staff are offered a discount – the event, the only one of its kind in the world, has also attracted non-medics curious to learn more about the inner workings of the human body.

Scarlett Mellor, a clinical patho-physiologist who devised the content for this year’s tour, said: “What we did last year, and what we will be doing again this year, was a survey of the cohorts of people attending and their demographics.

“What we found was that we attracted a lot of healthcare professionals - paramedics, nurses, operating department practitioners. We’ve had doctors attend. They’ve used it as a bit of a revision tool.

“We’ve had paramedics attend too.

“But we also found that there were a lot of people who wanted to attend just to learn more about their own illnesses. They found it really educational.”

However, Ms Mellor concedes it is probably not for the squeamish.