The UK Covid Inquiry has thrown up some startling and depressing revelations, including Boris Johnson’s complaint that the protection measures were “destroying the economy for people who will die anyway soon”.

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Meanwhile the storm over Scottish Government WhatsApp messages continues unabated, with the pressure mounting on Nicola Sturgeon.

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Today, one of our reader pours scorn on both of the major protagonists.

Alasdair Sampson of Stewarton writes:

"The Covid WhatsApp revelations to date are shocking, revealing not only the total ineptitude of Boris Johnson and the Tory Government of the UK but also the hubris and utterly toxic secrecy of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government in Scotland.

Since the 2014 and 2016 referenda there have been systematic and systemic attacks on the rule of law and hence on democracy by both UK and Scottish governments whose primary sworn function is to uphold the rule of law.

Tories refused initially but were subsequently forced by order of the court to hand over their WhatsApps. I trust that the inquiry judge will take the same robust action against the SNP.

Mr Johnson was a clown figure, partially mitigated only by his brush with death and almost certainly suffering long Covid. But it now appears he let himself be kept in the dark by civil servants about many things including inter alia the arranging of parties.

Ms Sturgeon by comparison was the Joker - in total ruthless control, revelling in her power, scheming and deliberate in her dissembling and deception.

If nothing else, the UK and Scottish inquiries will hopefully force politicians to learn a very hard lesson that they are not omnipotent, notwithstanding the hubristic self-delusions of some, and that they serve at our pleasure.”