Two-thirds of Scots support the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union, according to a new poll.

The Survation survey for the Daily Record newspaper shows 66% of people want to stay in the EU, up one percentage point in a month, while support for leaving the EU has dropped one point to 34%.

The findings contrast with UK-wide polling which suggests a tighter race, and has placed support for leaving higher than that for staying.

It comes as the Prime Minister is in Brussels trying to secure a reform deal with other EU leaders.

The poll of more than 1,000 people also asked voters about their views on Scottish independence if the UK votes to leave the EU.

The SNP has said so-called Brexit could trigger demand for a second referendum in Scotland.

The poll found 28% of people are more likely to support independence in the event of a vote to leave, with 14% less likely, 42% stating it would have no impact on their opinion, and 15% saying they do not know.

SNP MSP Humza Yousaf said: "This poll confirms that the overwhelming majority of people want Scotland to play a positive and constructive role alongside our friends and neighbours in Europe.

"If we are dragged out of the EU against our will because of the reckless actions of David Cameron's Government, then people will quickly come to the conclusion that Westminster is incapable of representing Scotland's interests."

John Edward, senior campaign spokesman for the Scotland Stronger in Europe group, said: "The figures show that regardless of other disagreements, most people in Scotland share the view that we should remain in the European Union, but there is no room for complacency in our campaign.

"In the forthcoming referendum, Scotland can come together to make its voice heard - and have a big influence on a UK-wide vote to stay in Europe."