Coronavirus, a pandemic that has swept the globe cruelly taking the lives of loved ones and family members, has left many of us now grieving and heartbroken. 

In some cases, relatives of those infected with Covid-19 were even deprived of the chance to say goodbye.

To pay tribute to those who lost their lives to Covid-19 and to create a tranquil space for people to reflect and remember their loved ones, The Herald launched a £50,000 public fundraiser for a memorial garden earlier this month which has since received generous support and donations.

Here is everything you need to know about The Herald Garden and Remembrance Campaign.

Where will the Herald Memorial Garden be built?

Only days after The Herald launched the campaign in early June, Glasgow City Council generously stepped forward to offer a site at Pollok Country Park in the south side of Glasgow.

It has since been confirmed that the Memorial Garden will be built in a woodland area within Pollok Park, accessible from the north east entrance and affectionately known as Rhododendron Avenue.

The Herald:

Backing the project is Grow and Learn Development Officer Jean Gavin from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, who says Pollok Park as a venue for the memorial garden is “perfect.”

She said: “I live in a flat and don’t actually have a garden. For me being able to walk through Pollok Park has been part of my daily lockdown routine and I think it is an amazing area that the city has. For me it has been a godsend.”

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for the garden with cairn stemmed from a memorial created in Cathcart Old Parish Church, in Glasgow’s South Side, to help support bereaved families.

Rev Neil Galbraith, of Cathcart Old Parish Church said: “I honestly want to thank The Herald for playing such an important part in this much required 'Touching Place' which will clearly mean so much to so many families, and anyone with a need to find comfort and solace post Covid-19.

Inspired by the memorial cairn at Rev Neil Galbraith’s Church, The Herald’s vision is to create a cairn with a stone to represent the lives of every Scottish victim of Covid-19.

Who is helping to design the garden?

Stonemasons or artists from around the country are invited to submit designs and ideas for the memorial cairn to be considered by the garden’s steering group.

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Among the many experts who have offered their help to create a memorial cairn and garden for Scotland’s victims of coronavirus, is landscape artist Rachel Smith.

She said: “When I think of a memorial, it allows a moment in our day for a quiet time and some of the gladed areas around the woodland allow that. You might discover them while walking to another part and stop to hear the birdsongs in Pollok Park and it could be a magical moment.”

Meanwhile, Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay has offered to write a poem for the memorial garden, as well as Glasgow’s Poet Laureate Jim Carruth who has donated a poem he penned during lockdown, entitled The Long Bench.

Who is steering the project?

In order to take the project forward, a steering group was set up, made up of experts with a wealth of experience in their individual fields.

Current members making up The Herald Memorial Garden steering group include Rev Neil Galbraith, of Cathcart Old Parish Church; Fiona Arnott-Barron, chief operating officer of Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland; Dave Allan, The Herald Magazine’s gardening writer; former NHS communications director Ally McLaws, who runs his own media and business development consultancy; and George Gillespie, Glasgow City Council's executive director of neighbourhoods and sustainability.

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Mr Gillespie said: “The grief caused by the Covid-19 emergency is a story that often goes unheard and so it’s right that we start to look ahead as soon as possible to recognise the loss that’s being felt.

“Being asked to join the group tasked with creating the memorial is a great honour and I look forward to working with colleagues on a project of such national significance."

How can I donate?

To donate go to: You can also send donations via post to The Herald Garden of Remembrance Campaign, Herald & Times, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow G32 8FG.

Donald Martin, editor of The Herald, said: “There has been a growing demand from people, including readers and well-wishers, to put money towards the campaign. In response, we have launched a fund and set a nominal target of £50,000 to allow us to create what we believe will be a memorial which serves as a fitting tribute to those who have died and their families.”

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