Scots football fans were left furious at the preferential treatment that the England team received during the Euro2020 semi-final. 

England will now face Italy on Sunday, after beating Denmark 2-1 on Wednesday night. 

However, criticism was not directed at the action on the pitch but at ITV’s commentators.

Viewers have taken to social media to express their irk at Sam Matterface’s commentary of the game.

He attracted criticism for encouraging England’s fans to “do what you want tonight”.

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He said: “If this comes off, you can do what you want tonight. You’ve had a terrible 16 months; kids you can stay up, don’t you dare go to bed. The rest of you, call your boss, you ain’t coming in in the morning.

“You deserve this. England deserve this. Feel it, ride it. All that outpouring of emotion is just 50 seconds away.”

He then added: “Just try to be safe and follow the rules. Otherwise, I’m going to be in one hell of a load of trouble."

One Twitter user described Mr Matterface's remark as "the worst moment of the last 18 months".

The pair was also criticised for favouring England in the commentary, with many pointing out the pair had failed to mention Denmark was playing one man down in the late stages of the match. 

The game was also not spared of political comment, with Alba party chief Christopher McEleny claiming England winning the Euros will do more to boost the cause for independence than the SNP’s plans.

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He tweeted: "Suppose silver lining is their reaction to winning the tournament will bring Scotland closer to independence this year than the SNP are planning."