The RNLI have released dramatic body worn footage of migrants being rescued in the English Channel for the first time. 

The two clips- one from earlier this month, and the other from November 2019- each show several people cramped onto a small inflatable before being pulled to safety by lifeboat volunteers.

Both shots involve the rescue of several migrants, including a baby. The nationality of the migrants is not known.

In the November 2019 incident, the majority of those on board are not wearing life jackets and appear to be dressed only in jeans, trainers, and coats.


Several of the migrants’ clothes appear soaked through as they clamber on board the RNLI, with some of the rescued appearing distressed and barely able to stand.

Once pulled to safety, the lifeboat volunteers can be heard trying to reassure the migrants, whilst treating them for sickness and exhaustion.


Mark Dowie, RNLI chief executive told the PA news agency: “The humanitarian side of this has not really been told properly. 

“We wanted to tell this now, our crews are becoming busier and busier with this work.

“It’s important that what they see and what they do is properly appreciated”.