MORE COP26 protests will take place this week in Glasgow, bringing the largest activist crowds so far to the city.

This Friday, a 'Fridays for Future' march will take place, starting in Kelvingrove Park and travelling through the city towards George Square.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has already issued a rallying call for people to get involved.

She has also invited striking workers in Glasgow to go along as thousands of protesters are expected to attend. 

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Protesters will be congregating from the early hours of the morning, but the march is not set to get underway until 11am.

Kelvingrove Park is the starting line and marchers will then cross the Prince of Wales Bridge and head towards George Square. A rally will then take place in the city centre.

The exact route is not yet known, so some drivers may face further delays in the city.

It comes after Extinction Rebellion's 'Greenwash March' in the city centre descended into chaos, as police appeared to block any route activtists attempted to take.

Police made five arrests following the protests yesterday. They say two of the arrests took place after a number of officers were sprayed with paint. Cans of spray paint were also seized.

As well as Friday's demonstration, there is also another protest which is set to take place in Kelvingrove the following day. 

The Herald:

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The COP26 coallition have claimed they are expecting a number of around 100,000 people to attend the march on Saturday, which is being called 'Global Day of Action for Climate Justice'.

They have also already confirmed their route which will take them from the West end, through the city centre and towards Glasgow Green this Saturday.

The march is set to kick off at 12pm, and it will make its way down Kelvin Way, along Argyle Street, on to St Vincent Street, past West George Street, down past George Square, and finally gathering in Glasgow Green for a mass rally.

Thousands of other marches have also been organised across the globe under the same flag, but the world's eyes are on Glasgow for both the climate summit and the activist action expected to take place alongside it.