Comedian Janey Godley has said she is learning to live with her cancer diagnosis and that she takes solace that she is not alone in her struggle against the disease. 

In a heartfelt message to her fans, the Scots comic said she was changing the way she perceived her condition and was no longer trying to "fight and stay strong".

In a post on Facebook accompanied by a recent picture depicting her hair loss from chemotherapy, the 61-year-old said she had come to accept she was living with a life-threatening condition and that she would "trust the science" underpinning her treatment.

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Ms Godley revealed late last year that she had contracted ovarian cancer after she cut short a tour of Scotland

The Herald:

In a post to her fans' page today, she said: "I think I’ve had an epiphany, I have been resisting the fact I have a life threatening cancer, I have tried to “fight and be strong” instead of accepting that this whole year I just may be facing death or survival of something I have no real control over.

"I appreciate all the amazing support and I believe my mental health will improve if I just lean into the fact that this cancer is happening- I am not alone, millions of people survive this disease and living with it isn’t a failure - maybe I don’t have to fight every thing that happens to me and trust the science?"

The pro-Scottish independence comedian found viral fame with her dubbed pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus news briefings during the pandemic.

She featured in Scottish Government coronavirus adverts, but they were pulled after offensive tweets by her came to light following an investigation by the Daily Beast website.

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The news broke soon after the Covid-19 ads featuring Ms Godley, for which she was paid £12,000, were released.

Godley has profusely apologised for the tweets and donated the fee she was paid by the Scottish Government to charity.

The Herald:

Fans have rallied around the comedian after her heartfelt message. 

Annie Relph replied: "Janey, I’m still here at the age of 62, after having ovarian cancer at the age of 27. Believe, live your life, and allow yourself the disquiet this will inevitably sometimes bring.

"You don’t have to be the best patient, or keep smiley for everyone else - you just have to get through this treatment and let the chaemo warriors do their thing, one step at a time."

Tracy Evans added: "I've had to accept this too, I've just started my 2nd line of chemo on Monday, after finishing my 1st line January 2021.

"I take it day as it comes, and enjoy every single day I have. You definitely look at life in a completely way, which is good actually. Keep a positive vibe around you."