A JET2 flight from Edinburgh was forced to make an emergency landing after developing a fault in mid-air.

The striken plane had taken off from Edinburgh on Wednesday morning and was supposed to be taking holidaymakers to Gran Canaria.

The Jet2 flight was met by two emergency vehicles as it landed.

A spokesman for the airline said: “Flight LS715 from Edinburgh to Gran Canaria followed procedure and diverted to Manchester Airport this morning, due to a minor fault indication."

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Jet 2 said the aircraft landed safely and was met by emergency services as a precautionary measure.

"Customers will be transferred onto a standby aircraft so that we can get everyone on their way to Gran Canaria as soon as possible," said the spokesman.

"We apologise to everyone onboard for any inconvenience caused.”

The Herald: A Jet2 plane

Last another Jet2 flight was diverted to Manchester Airport for the same reason. The plane headed for Antalya in Turkey took off from London Stansted as normal, but had to be diverted due to the 'minor fault indication'.

This plane was also met by emergency crews on the runway. The aircraft landed safely.

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Last week a man died on board a Jet2 plane in another mid-air emergency as passengers were being taken from Turkey to Glasgow.

The 44-year-old took ill during an evening flight leaving Antalya on Tuesday, and became unresponsive.

After the pilot made a priority landing at Glasgow Airport, the man was pronounced dead.