It has already recorded top temperatures this week with more than 20C in Kinlochewe in Wester Ross becoming the first part of the UK to see the mercury hit the figure since November of last year. 

And Scotland is expected to enjoy warm temperatures over the next couple of days with temperatures as high as 17 degrees in the coming days. 

The Met Office is forecasting warm weather on Thursday and Friday as winter recedes into the rear-view mirror and warmer days appear on the horizon.

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But the good times look to be short-lived with the thermometer set to dip again over the weekend, with rain and even wintery showers predicted from Saturday onwards.  

The Herald:

Nicola Maxley, of the Met Office said: “Thursday will see temperatures around mid-teens, with isolated chance of seeing perhaps 17C  in prolonged sunshine. 

“Friday will see temperatures low to mid-teens, with isolated chance of again seeing perhaps 17C  in prolonged sunshine. 

“Saturday temperatures will just creep into double figures for many with 11 or 12C.” 

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The weather is expected to stay fine and dry for Scotland for the rest of the week, but temperatures will start to trend down, while there is a chance of some Haar later on Thursday for eastern Scotland

Ms Maxley added: “Later on Saturday cloud and outbreaks of rain will move into southern Scotland and temperatures will start to trend down. Sunday will see showers across northern Scotland which could turn wintry later.”