Fire crews remain at the site of a huge wildfire which spread across five miles of the Campsie Fells near Glasgow.  

Two fire appliances remained at the scene of the blaze this morning, which was doused by helicopter-borne waterbombs on Wednesday.  

Fire Chiefs have warned of an extended risk of wildfires across the country as warm, dry weather has created tinder box conditions on Scotland’s hills.  

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The Campsies fire, which broke out earlier this week, has been largely contained but crews are still monitoring ‘hotspots’ which could reignite the blaze near Fintry, Stirlingshire. 

SFRS has issued a ‘very high’ warning for an increased risk of wildfires running until Saturday, 10 June. 

The Herald: The fire was visible from Glasgow

The blaze was visible over Glasgow 

Fire chiefs warn that many rural and remote communities are hugely impacted by wildfires, which can cause significant environmental and economic damage. 

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Station Commander John Harvey said: "We know that many people will be hoping to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is good, but we urge everyone to make sure that they don’t increase the chance of wildfire. That means being aware of the risks and following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. 

“Wild and grass fires can start by the careless disposal of cigarettes and barbecues or campfires left unattended. 

“They then have the potential to burn for days and devastate vast areas of land, wildlife and threaten the welfare of nearby communities.”