Twitter tycoon Elon Musk has said the term ‘cisgender’ is considered a slur on the platform as he pledged to tackle harassment of users’ accounts. 

The social media CEO Tweeted the rule in response to a campaigner claiming they were targeted by other accounts after saying they reject the term ‘cis’. 

‘Cisgender’ has become a popular way to differentiate between those who are transgender and those who do not experience body dysphoria, and is especially prevalent in online discourse.  

Campaigner James Esses said his account was targeted by other users after he posted that he objected to the term, and would not use it.  

Mr Esses has launched a tribunal against the Metanoia Institute and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) after he was dropped from a university of Middlesex psychotherapy course.  

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The former lawyer claims this was due to his objection to a move to providing gender affirming care to minors at the exclusion of all other types of therapy.  

In response to Mr Esses' claims of harasment on Twitter, Elon Musk replied: “Repeated, targeted harassment against any account will cause the harassing accounts to receive, at minimum, temporary suspensions.  

“The words “cis” or “cisgender” are considered slurs on this platform.” 

Mr Esses replied: "To those who have asked - this is not restricting free speech. I did not request, nor did Elon agree, to suspend accounts for using the term ‘cis’.  

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“He is talking about “repeated, targeted harassment”. What this does is restore parity and common sense.” 


Howver, Mr Musk later replied to another Twitter user who said they 'identified as Cis' by saying; "Call yourself anything you want."