One lucky player could win £175 million in tonight’s EuroMillions draw – the largest ever EuroMillions jackpot.

If one lucky person claims the jackpot they will become Britain’s biggest ever winner in what would be a new National Lottery record surpassing the record of a previous anonymous winner by £5 million.

The competition is capped at 200 million euros and if that total is reached a special round will follow four days later when it must be won.

Camelot’s senior winners’ advisor Andy Carter said: “The jackpot on Friday night is truly mind-blowing.

“A UK winner would be propelled to the top of the rich list and immediately be able to make all of their friends and families dreams come true.

“Imagine trying to get all of the gifts under the tree this Christmas – unbelievable.”

The National Lottery Good Causes campaign raises £30 million each week on average for charirties and organisations across the UK.

How to play

There is a EuroMillions draw every Tuesday and Friday meaning there are two chances to win every week. 

Players pick five numbers between 1-50 plus two Lucky Stars which are numbers between 1-12. There is also a Lucky Dip option where you will be given a slip of randomly selected numbers.

It costs £2.50 per entry to play and you can play up to seven lines and buy up to 10 pay slips at a time. 

To play you will need to buy your ticket before 7:30pm on the day of the draw.

You can play in-store or you can enter online via the National Lottery app or by visiting the website.