Spotify users were reporting issues with the music streaming service on Wednesday afternoon.

Users were left unable to listen to their favourite songs across the UK with audio streaming problems reported.

According to Down Detector, issues started at around 11.40pm with users complaining that they were unable to stream music.

It came after similar reports on Tuesday shortly before 4pm

Problems were recorded by Spotify users across the UK on Down Detector including Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast.

Of the problems reported, 84% relate to the website while 9% relate to the app.

A further 8% of problems reported were linked to server connection.

Spotify web player not working

When using the iOS app for iPhone, Newsquest encountered no problems.

But music fans on Twitter are having no such luck.  

One social media user asked: “Spotify down for anyone else?”

Another agreed: “I'm getting a 504 time-out too.”

“Man I hate Spotify fr,” added a third.

Spotify are yet to comment on the reported outage affecting UK users.