As the Ukraine and Russia conflict continues, charities across the UK are raising funds to donate to people in need.

Whether it be for displaced families, financial support or medical supplies, all sorts of charities are arranging for this aid to reach people in need.

But when donating items how do you know what is really needed?

One charity, UnitedWithUkraine has transformed into an international aid organisation practically overnight.

It allows people to purchase items that have been curated by medical teams across the UK and Ukraine, so you can donate what is really needed.

You place the order through Amazon where a list is updated daily, and your donated item will make its way to those in need across Ukraine.

Orders are delivered to the UnitedWithUkraine HQ, where items are then sorted and categorised and arranged into boxes to ensure they are accessible when reaching its destination.

Items requested include treatments for Type 1 Diabetes, as many people in Ukraine have no access to insulin, glucose monitoring or any other treatment.

Charlie Cawsey, co-founder of the charity explained in a YouTube video that it was a personal connection to Type 1 Diabetes that inspired this organisation.

When his fiancé, Emma, suffered an episode of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) in the middle of the night, he had to source some sugary products to help her stabilise her glucose levels.

The ease with which he was able to do this made him think of diabetics in Ukraine who may not have the supplies needed to treat this.

This inspired the idea. Cawsey put out a simple social media post, and it immediately “went crazy”.

Starting off in a small storage space in Kent, in the coming days the charity will be based out of Manson Airport which will allow them to ship even more aid to those in need.

Financial donations can also be made on the charity’s website. Financial donations go towards difficult to source items that are listed on the website such as insulin and other medications.

The list of supplies is updated daily. You can place your order on the Amazon website here.