Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused many problems around the world since it started, with one concern being the uncertainty in gas and oil prices due to Russia being one of the largest producers in the world for those commodities.

This has been exacerbated by Russia cutting off natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria after they refused to meet a demand by Moscow to pay in rubles, rather than dollars or euros.

CNN reported: "Russia delivered an ultimatum last month to "unfriendly" nations that they must pay for their energy in rubles starting April 1 or risk being cut off from vital supplies. But the flow of gas had continued until Wednesday (April 27).

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"The Kremlin said payments for gas being delivered at the time of its announcement would be due toward the end of April or the beginning of May, which is why Russia didn't immediately shut off the flow of gas to Europe."

Questions may now arise on if Russia will continue cutting off gas to certain European countries in response to Western sanctions it has faced and how that may impact the UK.

How will Russia cutting of gas to Europe that impact the UK?

Reuters reported that European gas prices jumped up nearly 20% on Wednesday morning due to Russia's decision.

This may have an impact on the UK, as if more European countries get their Russian natural gas cut off they will have to look for alternative sources.

As a result this could drive up the price of natural gas in general as there could be risk of shortages with Russia being such a large producer of natural gas and oil for the world.

The Herald: Energy bills have seen a huge increase in the UK in April (PA)Energy bills have seen a huge increase in the UK in April (PA) (Image: PA)

With there already being a energy price crisis in the UK that drove up the price cap by 54% in April, Britons could do without another potentially huge increase caused by Russia's actions here.

At this moment in time Russia only supplies around 5% of the UK's gas supplies, and they are looking to phase it out entirely by the end of 2022.

A Government spokesman said: “We will phase out Russian oil by the end of the year, and imports of Russian liquid natural gas as soon as possible thereafter.

“The UK has no issues with either gas or oil supply, and unlike Europe we are not dependent on Russian energy imports.”

For now a period of uncertainty awaits to see if Russia will cut off gas to anymore countries.