Janet Street Porter has hit out at her Loose Women co-star Coleen Nolan branding her “bitter and twisted”.

The pair clashed on Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV lunchtime show during a discussion about family.

Recalling the time her mum and auntie died, Janet said: “When my mum died, I was close to my auntie. But when my auntie died recently I took the decision to work harder on my relationships with my two cousins, her two sons.”

She added: “It’s too easy in families to go, ‘I live here and you live there, it’s too hard to visit’. So I said, ‘Come and stay with me’. I decided to make the effort, because you have to, otherwise your family just drifts away.”

Janet explained how her cousins were coming to visit next month before Coleen Noland joked: “I bet they don’t last until the end of July…”

Janet hit back: “I’d like to say if either of my cousins are watching, don’t take any notice of Coleen. She’s bitter and twisted.”

Coleen responded with a laugh before speaking directly to camera: “Actually, phone me. I’ll let you know what you’re in for.”

ITV Loose Women continues to air each weekday on ITV1 from 12.30pm.