Do you dream of escaping the day job and travelling the world? Here's how you can make it a reality.

WeRoad is currently looking for a new group of travel coordinators to join its team as it gives a lucky few the chance to jet across the globe with all expenses paid.

The adventure travel company is looking for applicants that are passionate about all things travel and meeting new people - could they be searching for you?

Here's everything you need to know about applying for this incredible jet-setting opportunity.

The Herald: WeRoadWeRoad (Image: WeRoad)

Co-Founder of WeRoad, Erika De Santi, said: “WeRoad is all about the adventurers of the world; those that want to make unique experiences and really push themselves outside their comfort zone.

“Travel Coordinators play a huge role in bringing our trips to life. They’re not only on hand to provide unique insights into our destinations, they’re a key part in making our trips so unique.  That’s why we’re on the hunt for Coordinators that want to push themselves outside of their comfort zones just as much as the adventurers they’re leading.

“Are you ready for a summer that never ends? Come join the WeRoad community.”

How to travel the world for free as a WeRoad Travel Coordinator

The Herald: WeRoadWeRoad (Image: WeRoad)

If you want to be whisked away on an unforgettable adventure, you simply need to fill in an application.

The process also involves you filming yourself and answering a few short questions via the WeRoad website.

If WeRoad decides you are a match, you’ll be invited to a group interview in London on October 29 or a virtual interview on October 18.

The lucky successful candidates will then enter the WeRoad Bootcamp which is a weekend training course.

The WeRoad Bootcamp takes place in London, November 18-20.

What makes a good WeRoad Travel Coordinator?

If you want to travel the world with WeRoad, here are the qualities that the solo travel provider is looking for:

  • Love for travel
  • Enthusiasm for meeting new people, and sharing new experiences
  • Able to run a minimum of 2 trips a year for us (most trips are around 1 - 2 weeks long)
  • Attention to detail and organisational skills
  • Problem solving skills, and the capacity to be flexible and think on your feet
  • Empathy and teambuilding - the ability to promote a great group atmosphere and think about other people
  • Not shy about introducing yourself to our travellers over social media
  • An open attitude to sharing skills and ideas
  • Willingness and time-commitment to be involved in our Travel Coordinator community, including being an ambassador at our events

The Herald: WeRoadWeRoad (Image: WeRoad)

Where would I travel to with WeRoad?

WeRoad puts the power in its Coordinators hands’ which means you can travel to wherever you want.

All Coordinators need to do is share their favourite WeRoad destinations and their availability.

They will then be matched up with upcoming tours that fit their schedules.

For more information and to apply for the dream job, visit the WeTravel website.