It has almost been a full year since COP26 took place in Glasgow, and once again world leaders are preparing to meet to discuss climate change and what changes can be made and how to implement plans made at last year’s event.

Ahead of this year’s event, COP27, here’s everything you need to know.

What is COP27?

COP stands for Conference of Parties and involves the meeting of the 197 nations that agreed to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992.

COP27’s goal is to move from negotiations and planning to implementation.

When is COP27?

The conference will begin on Sunday, November 6 and will end on Friday, November 18.

Where is COP27?

COP27 takes place in the green city of Sharm El-Sheikh, in Egypt.

Who will be attending COP27?

COP27 will be attended by a number of politicians across the globe.

Rishi Sunak last week insisted he must focus on the “depressing domestic challenges” rather than go to the COP27 conference in Egypt, drawing widespread criticism.

However, the Prime Minister could U-turn on his decision if he feels sufficient progress has been made in planning for his highly anticipated autumn budget, No 10 has confirmed.

The Scottish Government confirmed that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be attending the event in Egypt.

US President Joe Biden is also expected to attend.

King Charles III will not be attending the conference as “unanimously agreed” by Downing Street he would not go.

What does COP27 hope to achieve?

The COP27 website says it hopes to “seek to accelerate global climate action through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts and enhanced flows of appropriate finance.”

It has broken the aims down into 4 sections: Mitigation, Adaptation, Finance and Collaboration.

Mitigation involves uniting to limit global warming to well below 2c and work hard to keep the 1.5 c target alive.

Adaptation involves adapting so that weather events from heatwaves, floods, forest fires stop becoming an everyday reality of life.

Financial goals are important in COP27 in ensuring climate commitments are followed.

Finally, Collaboration involves “turn[ing] the Glasgow outcome into action, and commence with its implementation.”

You can read the full vision and mission for COP27 on the website here.