The daily word guessing game Wordle has well and truly taken the world by storm.

Each day users attempt to retain their streak as they use their six guesses to try and solve the daily 5-letter word.

Some are simple and others are more challenging, causing streaks to be lost.

A new study by has examined what the most difficult Wordle words of 2022 so far.

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PARER, Wordle 454

With 48% of players failing within the six guesses provided, it is the word with the highest failure rate.

FOYER, Wordle 304

This Wordle was tweeted in the masses as thousands of streaks suddenly came to an end. 26% of players failed to guess this word making foyer a formidable word in the Wordle history books. 

CATCH, Wordle 483

This word may appear easy however 23% of players failed to guess it correctly. This word and the next are very similar and caught many players out due to the vast number of words that contain similar letters, especially if you had ATCH on the fifth go.

WATCH, Wordle 265

Watch was tweeted about over 200,000 times with 20% of players failing to guess and subsequently ending their streak. It also doesn’t help that W is one of the least used letters in the English language, taking up only 1.2% of common English vocabulary.  

The Herald: Study reveals most challenging Wordle answers of 2022Study reveals most challenging Wordle answers of 2022

MUMMY, Wordle 491

18% of players failed on this word. Although being a relatively common word, the triple M makes this word particularly cruel for players. 37% of players needed all 6 guesses to save their precious streaks.

CATER, Wordle 270

15% of players failed to guess this word. This one may have confused many players as there are many words ending in TER which may have caused players to guess and hope for the best.

COYLY, Wordle 409

This word led to 15% of players failing to guess correctly. Y is again one of the least used letters in the English language and it appears not once but twice in this word which may have caught many players out.

TRITE, Wordle 396

This word was guessed incorrectly by 15% of players, with a further 23% only guessing correctly on their sixth guess.

FOUND, Wordle 282

14% of players didn’t guess this word correctly

TACIT, Wordle 246

This word stumped 10% of players, with 30% of players saving their streaks on their sixth guess.  

A spokesperson for commented “Wordle took the world by storm when it was first released and remains one of the most popular online games, played daily by thousands of people. This research discovers some interesting words that many probably wouldn’t have assumed would be the hardest Wordle words, such as CATCH or WATCH.

“But then on the other hand NYTimes include more obscure words to catch players out, double letters seem to cause many issues for players with half of this list containing double or triple-letter words. Although players hate losing their streaks it's these more complex and rare words that challenge players and make the game so addictive as well as give players a sense of achievement and often a relief when they guess a word correctly.”