Sir David Attenborough is the face of a new BBC documentary and the broadcaster has just teased us with a trailer.

The series, entitled Wild Isles, is the first fully UK-based programme that the national treasure has ever been involved in.

The five-part nature documentary was filmed over three years and was created with the very latest technology and in 'extraordinary detail', the BBC has said.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming programme from when it will be on our screens and how to watch the trailer.

What will Wild Isles explore?

In the programme's synopsis, the BBC has said the show will showcase Britain and Ireland since it is among "the most diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes on Earth".

The public broadcaster added: "Sir David Attenborough will celebrate the wonders of the islands that we call home, revealing the surprising and dramatic habitats that exist right on our doorstep. It’s our home, as you’ve never seen it before". 

How many episodes will there be?

The new series comprises five episodes and will capture all sides of our wild isle's scenery from its woodland and grassland to freshwater and ocean habitats.

"Each episode will capture dramatic and new behaviour across the British Isles, from battling butterflies to mighty killer whales on the hunt," the BBC explained.

It added: "Nature in our islands will prove just as spectacular as anywhere else on the planet, but it is increasingly fragile.

"With intricately connected species relying on habitats, and one another, for survival, we ask what can be done to protect them and the delicate ecosystems that remain, and to make our wild isles even wilder for future generations".

Watch the trailer for David Attenborough's new series

The trailer reveal follows comments from the 96-year-old broadcaster and naturalist that he regretted spending so much of his career filming overseas.

The TV icon recently revealed it was due to “internal BBC politics” when he joined the corporation in 1952 which led him to focus on documenting nature abroad rather than closer to home.

in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Sir David expressed that he feels “fantastically lucky” to still be able to work on a project like this as he marks his seventh decade in broadcasting.

“I can hardly believe it’s true. Here I am in my mid-90s and I’m still as active as I was in my 60s, or my 30s even,” he added.

“It is amazing that one can carry on.”

When will David Attenborough's new series air?

Wild Isles will air on Sunday, March 12 at 7 pm, according to Radio Times.

The programme will be broadcast on BBC One after Countryfile and before Antiques Roadshow.

Viewers will also be able to catch up on BBC iPlayer.