One of the biggest nights in music across the UK is almost upon us as the Eurovision grand final takes place on Saturday (May 13) and if you’re planning a party with family or friends, you might be looking for some inspiration.

This year, the song contest is broadcast live from the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, with two semi-finals having already taken place, hosted by Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina.

The UK’s favourite Eurovision commentator Graham Norton will also be joining the trio and presenting during the final.

A total of 20 acts have now made it through to the last stage of the competition along with the ‘big five’ countries such as the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Singer and TikTok star Mae Muller will be representing the UK this year with her track ‘I Wrote A Song’.

To help you celebrate a night of Eurovision antics, here are some ideas to try at your Eurovision party.

What do you need for a Eurovision party?

Country-themed snack boards

TikTok is the place to be when it comes to looking for fun ideas and games to try at social gatherings.

The latest ‘bring a board’ trend would work well for a Eurovision party, as you might ask your invited guests to each create a Eurovision country-themed board, consisting of traditional food, snacks and sweet treats from around Europe.

For example, a French-themed board could include French cheeses, meats and bread.

Eurovision karaoke

Setting up a station for Eurovision karaoke could be a hit with your party guests, as they battle it out over some of the contest's most iconic anthems including Waterloo by ABBA and Euphoria by Loreen.

Online greeting card retailer thortful has teamed up with Ru Paul's Drag Race star, Divina De Campo, who has offered her top tips on putting on an amazing karaoke performance.

Don’t be nervous – you’re not there to be a West-End-Wendy.

Davina says: “Remember that everyone in the room wants you to do well, and you’re all there to just have a good time! You’re not there to be a West-End-Wendy.”

Remember – WWADQD?

Davina says: “What would a Drag Queen do? She’d put her shoulders back, tip her head up, and GO for it! The more you use your body language, the more you’ll relax into it. There’s been plenty of girls on Drag Race who can’t sing for toffee, and they put on a great show!”

Body language

Davina says: “While you’re singing, put your hands in the air, stamp your feet, and jump around! The crowd will love that you’re having the best time, and it’ll make them have a great time too. Have fun with it!”

Make the audience love you by loving them first

Davina says: “While you’re performing, listen to what the crowd are doing and respond. If they sing some backing vocals for you, point the mic out to them and get them involved! Make the audience love you by loving them first.”

Always pick a song you like, and know well

Davina says: “Even if the lyrics are on a screen with you, you’ll feel more confident picking a song you love and know well. You’ll be able to perform better if you know what words are coming next!”

Country-themed alcohol selection

Choosing alcohol to have at a party that will suit everyone’s taste can be difficult.

For your Eurovision party, why not try incorporating wines, beers and IPAs that originate from this year’s participating countries from the song contest.

Maybe a wine from an iconic Spanish vineyard or a traditional German beer could be your guest’s new favourite beverage.

Themed costumes

Themed costumes always add to the fun at a party, but for a Eurovision celebration, ask your friends and family to dress up as a famous entry throughout the years.

Decorations and accessories

Whether you want to fill your party room with Graham Norton masks, ‘douze points’ banners, flags from all the competing countries or gather stationary bits and bobs to make your own scorecards, there are so many decorations to include in your Eurovision party.

Why is Eurovision 2023 hosted in Liverpool?

Although Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine won last year’s competition, due to the ongoing war in the country, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) invited the UK to host on Ukraine's behalf because Sam Ryder was the runner-up in 2022.

Liverpool was chosen following a “strong city bid process” that examined facilities at the venue, the ability to accommodate thousands of visiting delegations, crew, fans and journalists, infrastructure as well as meeting more criteria, reports the European Broadcasting Union.