The TV presenter Davina McCall has revealed she stayed in an unhappy marriage for years for the sake of her kids.

This was in relation to her second marriage to husband Matthew Robertson who she was married to for 17 years.

It was only when her sister Caroline died that she looked again at her relationship with Matthew and concluded that it wasn't working.

Speaking to The Times she said: "In the end, we were living completely separate lives. We were hardly talking. It wasn't arguing. We never argued. We just lived separate lives. And we weren't happy.

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"I thought, ''I just want to be happy, and this is really sad. We're in a marriage and we're in it for the kids.

"We love our kids, but we're just not happy.' And I thought, ''Is that really selfish?'' because my parents divorced and I thought that was so selfish."

They attended therapy before definitively deciding to part ways but it ultimately didn't work.

Davina said: "We loved each other. But sometimes that isn't enough."

Life for Davina after her second marriage

Davina is now dating the hairstylist Michael Douglas, with Davina confirming their relationship in 2019.

She previously explained how she and Michael have an agreement to not publicly discuss their relationship.

“We’ve got an agreement that I don’t talk about our relationship, because our exes and kids don’t have a right to reply, so it’s not fair.

“But I love doing the podcast [Making The Cut] with him. It’s basically an extension of what we’ve always done as friends, which is recommend things to each other."