Egg rolling has been a popular Easter pastime in Scotland for hundreds of years with it even making its mark in other countries like the United States of America and England.

The activity involves children painting and decorating hard-boiled eggs before rolling them down a grassy hill or slope.

For those wanting to learn more about this Easter tradition, here is everything you need to know.

Is Easter egg rolling a Scottish tradition and why do we do it?

The Herald: Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. (Image: Getty)

In Scotland, pace-eggin or pace-egging is a tradition that comes from Shetland and the Scottish Borders.

According to The Square Peg, egg rolling was originally practised in Scotland as a way to imitate the movement of the sun.

Later, in Christian times, the act was used as a way to represent the rolling away of the stone from the tomb of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

What other countries do Easter egg rolls?

The Easter tradition is also popular in other parts of the world with places like Germany, the United States and parts of England partaking in variations of this.

In America, an annual egg roll is held on the White House South Lawn on Easter Monday.

The event is attended by children aged 13 and under and is hosted by the President of the United States and First Lady.

According to Visit Lancashire, there are records of egg-rolling celebrations going as far back as 1694 in England with the famous event in Avenham Park in Preston starting in 1867.

The Herald: Hard-boiled eggs are usually painted before being rolled down a hill.Hard-boiled eggs are usually painted before being rolled down a hill. (Image: Getty)

How to take part in Easter pace-egging

Those wishing to take part in any Easter egg rolling events should first hard boil an egg before allowing it to cool down.

The egg can then be painted and taken to a gentle hill (or any other appropriate place) before being 'rolled'.

Egg-rolling events are also a great excuse to have a picnic, so packing a few sandwiches and soft drinks is ideal.