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Read some of our political highlights as the day of the ballot approaches:

Map and full list of general election candidates in Scotland

Every 2024 candidate standing in each constituency in Scotland listed.

The 10 most marginal constituencies in Scotland this General Election

What seats are most likely to flip? Whose seat sits in the balance? This is the 10 most marginal constituencies in Scotland.

Inside the TV debate spin room and who the surprise winner was

Kevin McKenna joins the 'spin room', where journalists and party advisers gather in the studio to watch the TV debates unfold.

As Douglas Ross quits as Tory leader, where did it all go wrong?

Kevin McKenna analyses where it all went wrong for Douglas Ross, as he makes history as the first UK party leader to quit during an election campaign.

Kevin McKenna: Can the SNP hold these streets where Nicola Sturgeon once ruled?

Kevin McKenna joins SNP candidate Chris Stephens on the doorstep of the Glasgow South West constituency, where the nature of SNP campaigning post-Nicola Sturgeon is looked at.

Mark Smith: 'It’s Question Time but has anyone told Kate Forbes?'

Features writer Mark Smith analyses a special Scottish Question Time featuring Kate Forbes, Anas Sarwar, and Douglas Ross.

Alison Rowat: Scottish Labour has a friend in the south with Rayner but for how long?

It looks like Labour are on an upswing in this election but will Scottish Labour take advantage of its connection with shadow deputy prime minister Angela Rayner?

Alison Rowat: Where do shameless Sturgeon and flagrant Ross get their brass necks?

Alison Rowat asks Douglas Ross and Nicola Sturgeon: where do they get the brass neck and carry on as though everything is fine and normal?

SNP star Flynn more Springsteen than Soprano, but he does like to be the boss

Alison Rowat looks into SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and the role and influence he is playing on the party during the election campaign.

Brian Taylor: Why politics is more complicated than ever before

Veteran journalist and Herald columnist Brian Taylor picks through the confusion of the political world and tries to make some sense of it.

Brian Taylor: Does Scotland matter a hoot in this election? Yes – and here’s why

Brian Taylor writes on Scotland's role in this election and why it matters.

Brian Taylor: Forget the fog of comfort. This election involves tough choices

Brian Taylor breaks down the tough choices parties have to make in this election.

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Exclusive: Beleaguered Ross announced resignation in bid to stop Tory rebellion

Douglas Ross announced he would resign as the Scottish Conservative leader after the General Election in a bid to stop a growing internal rebellion over his decision to U-turn and stand again for Westminster, Kathleen Nutt reports.

Analysis: SNP in push to stop independence supporters from backing Labour

Is it the SNP that stand to lose most from a rocky beginning in their efforts to win voters' support, and to win back former supporters, some of whom are considering voting for Labour while still backing independence? Analysis from political correspondent Kathleen Nutt.