Reports that the SNP is about to do a U-turn and endorse nuclear power make sense ("Labour accuses SNP of nuclear U-turn", The Herald September 10).

The Nationalist Government promoted a coal-fired station at Hunterston via its National Planning Framework. Now this project has been rejected by the people of North Ayrshire, we are left with a gap in the electricity generation plans for the near future. Renewables provide neither the capacity nor the reliability required and if coal and gas are ruled out (as they have been) nuclear is the only practical option to fill that gap.

By giving in to the inevitable and agreeing to extend the active life of Hunterston B station, the Nationalists have shown they have no principled opposition to nuclear power. Scotland needs the electricity that would be generated by a new nuclear power station and North Ayrshire needs the high quality jobs that come with the industry. It's time for Nationalist ministers to swallow their pride and announce that they are in favour of new nuclear in the shape of the long-mooted Hunterston C nuclear power station.

Alex Gallagher, (Labour Councillor, North Ayrshire Council), 12 Phillips Avenue, Largs.