THERE was nothing presumptuous about Yes Scotland applying for an exhibition stand at the Scottish Liberal Democrats' conference in Dunfermline on October 27 ("LibDems refuse to allow Yes Scotland stall", The Herald, October 2).

The truth is that not all Scottish Liberal Democrats are opposed to an independent Scotland and prominent party members such as Lady Judy Steel and the Earl of Mar and Kellie stated publicly that they'll be voting Yes.

While there are undoubtedly many Liberal Democrats who are opposed to Scottish independence, we doubt whether there are any who do not favour a fair and transparent debate about the issues ahead of the 2014 vote.

Therefore, to deny Yes Scotland the opportunity to disseminate information to conference delegates is a shocking misjudgment and totally contrary to fundamental Liberal Democrat values.

For the sake of the party and for democracy, this decision needs to be reversed immediately.

Andrew Page,

48 Leperstone Avenue,


Nicola Prigg,

4 Alloway Park, Ayr; Allan Heron,

13 Greenways Avenue, Paisley; Graeme Cowie,

120e Southbrae Drive, Glasgow;

Gerry McGregor,

Mill House, Thrumster, Caithness.