Many will welcome the recent report from environmental scientists that our wet summer, which may sadly continue next year, was caused by warming in the Atlantic but not blamed on man's input with no call for more carbon cuts costing the country billions.

Instead they point out that there have been regular periods of sea warming and cooling over recent decades without our involvement. If the scientists are correct, we can but hope that another cooling phase will develop soon bringing us better weather as it has in the past.

It would be good if political leaders in Scotland and the UK read the report before continuing to listen only to the one-sided views of the vocal doom merchants preaching that man is causing climate change and leaping into more costly and useless schemes such as building windmills all over our wonderful countryside and destroying potential future tourism.

Unfortunately we do not hear enough from the many international scientists and environmentalists who do not accept man-made climate change.

Iain J McConnell,


Gifford, East Lothian.