It would obviously be insane to pay for a Gourock-Dunoon ferry if there were an alternative which was far more efficient, convenient and cheaper ("MSP backs investigation into 'bathtub boats' ferry service", The Herald, November 21 and Letters, November 22).

There is one such alternative.

The Norwegians have been cutting hundreds of kilometres of tunnels at about £4 million per km.

That would mean a Gourock-Dunoon dual carriageway tunnel at about £24m – much less than a ferry would cost. Such a tunnel could carry hundreds of times more traffic, far faster, without the running costs of a ferry.

It could open up the Cowal peninsula, so that it was only a 30-mile drive from Glasgow.

Our traditional party politicians must give reasons why they are almost totally against a solution which has worked elsewhere.

Neil Craig,

200 Woodlands Road,