LADY Clark's ruling at the Court of Session has rendered the planning consent for Viking Energy's planned giant wind farm in the Shetland Islands null and void ("Shetland wind farm court verdict appeal", The Herald, October 3).

Sustainable Shetland (SuS), the petitioner, has made legal history, as Lady Clark's judgement is the first successful wind farm challenge at Judicial Review in Scotland. This landmark judgement has wind farm developers, energy giants, and the Scottish Government in a spin (no pun intended).

SuS is not an anti-wind farm group, as stated in some press coverage, but was founded to take up the concerns of a majority opposed to this so-called community project (50% of it is owned by SSE), for a variety of reasons.

SuS is run by unpaid volunteers and apart from a donation from John Muir Trust, the cost of the judicial review was carried entirely by donations and fund-raising activities from/by SuS members and supporters.

Sustainable Shetland is in favour of fit for scale and purpose renewable energy projects which involve the Shetland community in a meaningful and truly democratic way, and bring tangible benefits to each and everyone in the Shetland Islands.

Rosa Steppanova,

Lea Gardens,