We are English.

We want to live in an inclusive England, which can look to the future rather than cling with nostalgia to our past empire; which is comfortable with our neighbours, whether to the north, the west, or in Europe. The idea that our friends in Scotland might carve a space for themselves on our shared island but beyond the oppressive and depressing Westminster political consensus is thrilling.

The Scots have the opportunity to set an example for us all, and so to help we English liberate ourselves too. And so we are writing to ask Scotland to ignore a Prime Minister most of us didn't vote for either, to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to vote Yes in September.

We don't see or fear Scottish independence as separation, we look forward to it as a better way of living together.

Anthony Barnett

Founder, Charter 88/openDemocracy

Cllr Elise Benjamin

Lord Mayor of Oxford 2011-12

Olly Huitson

co-editor, OurKingdom, openDemocracy

Niki Seth-Smith


Jonathan Dawson

Head of Economics, Schumacher College

James Meadway


Dr Stuart White

fellow in politics, Oxford University

Dr Derek Wall

writer and associate tutor Dept of Politics, Goldsmiths College, International Coordinator of Green Party of England and Wales

Jamie Mackay

Wolfson researcher, Warwick University

Siân Berry

former Green Party candidate, London Mayor

Symon Hill

Christian writer

Sam Hollick


Dr Claire El Mouden

Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University

Matt Hanley

Manchester Green Party

Dave Boyle

Consultant, Principle Six

Graham Martin

community activist, York

Mads Ryle

social and environmental justice campaigner

Michael Pymer

Mental Health Project Worker

Guy Aitchison

Doctoral Student, School of Public Policy, UCL

Louise Hazan

environmental campaigner

Dan Hancox, author

Mark Anthony France

trade union activist

Juliette Daigre

anti-poverty campaigner

Mick Hall

Organized Rage Blog