Aileen Campbell MSP gives her response to Stuart Waiton's essay (Named person plan will boost child wellbeing, Letters, March 2).

Unfortunately, the Minister for Children and Young People does nothing to address the fundamental concerns Dr Waiton and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council have expressed since the draft was published last year.

This is a piece of legislation which uses a sledgehammer to crack a nut: a named person for every child in Scotland where only a tiny minority can be expected to need such an intervention.

Aileen Campbell justifies the introduction of the named person measure on the basis that "in Highland, parents requested a single point of contact for advice or help when needed".

Such a request is made consistently by families who need to use services: that does not translate to a request from every family for every child to have a named person. In fact, families are telling us quite the opposite.

Eileen A Prior

Executive director

Scottish Parent Teacher Council