I NOTE the letter from Aidan Cook of Care Not Killing Scotland (August 20) regarding our analysis of the responses to the Health and Sport Committee consultation on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

To be clear, our analysis is restricted to the responses to the committee which, as Mr Cook accepts, shows a majority of responses in favour and is not an opinion poll. When such an independent poll was conducted in January 2014, it showed 69 per cent in favour of this legislation.

Mr Cook's organisation has made several references in the media to levels of opposition during previous consultation processes, so it is appropriate to point out the levels of support received during this exercise. We look forward to continuing a detailed and healthy debate with organisations which do not support this legislation in order to ensure proper public scrutiny but believe that the strong public support for these measures should be a key factor for MSPs when considering those discussions.

Sheila Duffy,

My Life, My Death, My Choice,

2 Walker Street,


AIDAN Cook observes that a majority of the written submissions to the Health and Sport Committee are in favour of the Assisted Suicide Bill. He also notes that their number is less important than the arguments they contain.

However, he fails to acknowledge that his organisation continues to make much of the fact, in its literature and on its website, that in 2010, 87 per cent of such submissions were opposed to the previous Assisted Dying Bill.

It would appear that matters have changed substantially since then. Is he willing to use such information only when it suits his case?

Bob Scott,

Humanist Society Scotland,

Creitendam Lodge,

Balmaha Road,