David S Fraser, in his letter attacking the Scottish Secular Society (November 25), makes the type of non- evidence-based claims we now expect from religious "creationists".

Evolution is now accepted by the majority of people and creationism is very much a minority opinion. Also, who, exactly, "scientifically argues" creationism?

There are mountains of evidence to back up the theory of evolution and precisely zero to corroborate creation.

Mr Fraser is more than entitled to hold whatever views he likes; what he is not entitled to do is impose a non-verifiable faith-based approach to education or indeed governance. The churches have had their attempt to run society according to the Bible; it is no mistake that this episode in the history of this and other countries was known as "The Dark Ages".

Secularists are only trying to keep religious teachings where they belong, in church.

Children are not born Christian or indeed Hindu or Muslim. The religion is thrust upon them by their parents. To paraphrase the late Christopher Hitchens, if baptism were illegal until a child had reached the age of reason we would be living in a vastly different world!

WB Richardson,

1 Weston Place,