IT is a new film telling the story of one of Scotland's most famous historical characters with a strong Scottish team behind it.

So it would seem a foregone conclusion that the proposed multi-million pound feature film 'The Great Getaway', about Bonnie Prince Charlie's escape to exile, should be shot in Scotland.

Plans have been drawn up to shoot the key scenes of the Battle of Culloden in Stranraer, which would bring a welcome boost to the area for locals who could train as extras and businesses which may benefit from a tourist boost in the wake of box office success.

But the producers of the film have warned there is a risk the filming may have to go to Ireland - which has a highly regarded film industry and attractive tax breaks - if they cannot raise the necessary funds to film in Scotland. It is an all too familiar pattern which was highlighted by the filming of many of Braveheart's major battle scenes in Ireland two decades ago, and has continued with other productions such as Game of Thrones, which provided a huge boost to Northern Ireland where it is now produced.

Scotland's film industry has had some welcome successes in recent years - such as the production of TV series Outlander and attracting Hollywood blockbusters like World War Z - but warnings that is has been lagging behind competitors cannot continue to be ignored.

A long-awaited permanent studio facility - which was pledged in Creative Scotland's film strategy - must be set up with urgency and efforts made to improve Scotland's film infrastructure to ensure more productions are not lost.